Brad Witzel

GenCon Indy '08

Another year has gone by and another trip from Chicago to Indianapolis and back has passed.  Last year was my first experience with “the best four days in gaming”, and now it seems like the convention will be another that I attend yearly.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of free wifi, I couldn’t give day-to-day … Continue reading

A Letter to a Comic Book Artist

About two weeks ago I wrote this letter, which I’d like to share with you all because it’s somewhat of a review of a comic book that I believe everyone should be reading.  Christopher Mitten is a very good comic book artist who does the art for Wasteland.  He did send me a rather pleasant … Continue reading

Rock Me Sexy Jesus: Hamlet 2 and Steve Coogan

The comedic formula used in the last couple of years within Hollywood has been rather repetitive.  It’s not that Will Ferrel’s man-child routine, Seth Rogan’s average-guy-pseudo-slacker, or Steve Carell’s screaming exclamatory exaggeration isn’t funny.  Most of those movies are rather enjoyable; bring forth a solid amount of laughter, and I’m a fan of all three … Continue reading

B is for: Japanese Hell and Space Mutiny

A B-Movie review double feature brought to you by a night of staying up way too late with friends, beer, and a crying newborn (not mine).  Burgers were grilled, four people crammed onto a three person couch, and we chose two movies to watch from our selection of 60+ recently purchased movies (a 50-movie horror classics … Continue reading

Hellboy II: A Comic-Book FILM

After waiting all day, the final bell at work rang and my shift was over.  It took another hour to get home to meet up with a friend, and from there we were off towards downtown Chicago.  What would normally be a forty minute drive had the option of turning into a full hour and … Continue reading

Simon Pegg = All American

Somehow, I’ve found myself in the mood for British comedy.  I’ve been trying to catch up on some old BBC shows that I might’ve missed, and while scouring the internet for information I inevitably ended up on, knee-deep in the checkout screen.  My mouse decided it wanted to spend some of my hard-earned cash … Continue reading