Todd James

my favorite films, part II

disclaimer: I have come to the attention that I have really bad grammar and punctuation. I want to say Im sorry and I will work to Improve. ok! now on to movies. Im going to talk about a film that was Important to my teen years. That film was Private school. The actual title is … Continue reading

my favorite films, part I

Im going to start writing blogs on some of my all time favorite films and i love alot of films so there’s a second agenda to these films, in particular they are films I feel people have either forgotten about and have fallen through the cracks of most peoples dvd collection or next flix list’s. … Continue reading

Watchmen: aftermath

well its been three weeks, to date Watchmen has grossed roughly 99 million dollars. not bad for an almost 3 hour r-rated film. that being said im sure warners had higher expectations, as well as most of the general public. well Im here to say im ok with that! I kind of feel like somebody … Continue reading