disclaimer: I have come to the attention that I have really bad grammar and punctuation. I want to say Im sorry and I will work to Improve.

ok! now on to movies. Im going to talk about a film that was Important to my teen years.
That film was Private school. The actual title is Private school for girls. It came out in 1983 and was directed by Noel Black. he mainly worked in tv. This was a quintessential teen comedy and one they don’t make anymore. I find myself laughing as I talk about this film with even an inch of seriousness. Its just a cheesy good romp about two boarding schools. an all boys school and an all girls school. The main plot revolves around jim Green( matthew modine) and Christine Ramsey( Phobe Cates) a young couple in love who are thinking about going all the way for the first time. To add some turmoil another girl, jordan leigh-jensen( the amazing Betsy Russell) has the hots for Jim and doesn’t understand why he Isn’t all over her. She spends the entire film trying to sabotage Jim and Christine’s relationship. Then there’s their best friends or the main comic relief of the film. Jim’s friend Bubba (michael Zorek) he was essentially a low budget john Belushi. kathleen Wilhoite played Betsy, Christine Ramseys best friend. Betsy and Bubba are dating and have an on again off again love hate thing. Part of the Charm of the film is watching jim, Bubba and Roy (Jonathan Prince) Dress up in drag so they can sneak into the all girls school. Imagine an american version of monty python in terms of bad female Impressions. Really high voices, bad wigs and clothes made for someone in their 80’s. Comedy hijinx ensue. ok here’s the deal the movie isnt great, it isnt some master stroke of comedy timing or witty banter. I caught the film for the first time on cable in 1985.

I realize the film probably doesn’t deserve my undying love but it was at a special time in my life. I was almost 13 and certain physical changes were happening in my body. it was funny and charming but more Importantly it had alot of nudity..lol. Puberty had Attacked me like heroine attacked Keith Richards! Imagine it’s 2 am on a saturday night. the credits roll and the first 10 min is a shower scene with like 20 girls!!! my poor adolescent mind couldn’t handle it. I felt like DR Timothy Leary going on his first acid trip!
i was experiencing a whole new world and my elastic waistband was being tested for the first time. to this day I have an undying love for Betsy Russell, she was also know for her role in Avenging Angel and most recently in SAWVI and she is still a goddess.

Thanks to the early day’s of cable the movie aired several thousand times over the next few years and I enjoyed it everytime:)