Taylor Bettinson

Up and Down with 3-D

Saw “Up” this weekend — if “Where the Wild Things Are” is nearly half as affecting, it’ll be a great year for “audiences of all ages” — and while gorging on reviews thereafter, I noticed the wide variety of reactions to the film’s use of 3-D.Among the critics who mention it, some found it pleasantly … Continue reading

Life Lessons of the Frankenpenis

It has come to my attention that Lorena Bobbitt, infamous ’90s dick dicer, is on today’s Oprah.  I get that this is a “Where Are They Now?” segment, but would we revel in superficial pop nostalgia over a wacky rape? Would a man famous for beating his wife during a fit of mental illness get … Continue reading

Ron Moore, Joss Whedon, and Transhumanist TV

The recently retired Battlestar Galactica, the upcoming Caprica, and Fox’s Sarah Connor Chronicles all deal in different ways with the questions posed by advancing technology.  But in the BSG and Terminator universes, the threat of technology is embodied by an external Other, a rogue race of robots.Yes, on Battlestar, part of the show’s brilliance was … Continue reading