Tarek Jammal

LOST and its relation to Islamic Theology

Assalamu Alaikum (peace be upon you) everyone, Watching the latest episode of Lost, Ab Aeterno, I figured I’d point out a few interesting points regarding the major big Answer we’ve received.. For those who haven’t watched the episode, look no further… Major Spoilers Ahem So we finally got it. The Major Answer. Why does the … Continue reading

Review: The Escapist

Although living in Kuwait means we get to see films sometimes 6 months after you guys, sometimes we have the chance of watching a non-American film 6 months before you guys :)… That is the case with The EscapistI saw this film a few months back, and thought I should review it since I saw … Continue reading

What the hell am I doing here???

Honestly, what am I doing here?I got an email from Nick a few days back responding to my request to become a blogger for the site. I sent that email almost 9 months ago. I had totally forgotten all about it. After the first month, I brushed it aside thinking “Yeah they probably can’t get … Continue reading