Honestly, what am I doing here?

I got an email from Nick a few days back responding to my request to become a blogger for the site. I sent that email almost 9 months ago. I had totally forgotten all about it. After the first month, I brushed it aside thinking “Yeah they probably can’t get an Arab living across the other side of the world a blogging spot here, due to time constraints or whatever reason”. Then I got the email, I got super-excited, and figured, hey CHUD is broadening its blogger horizons and recruiting outside of the US. Then I get on the site and realize I’m the only person on there who doesn’t pay taxes to The Man.

But yeah, I am very excited to start writing for this place. For the past 2 years I’ve been a film critic for a newspaper and did some freelance articles for magazines around the Middle East. I consider myself both a film geek and a cinephile at the same time. I’ve seen too many films in my life, and honestly here in Kuwait there’s not much more to do.

I guess the first 2 weeks or so I’ll be blogging in a chaotic manner, until I figure out what flow I’ll be workin on. I definitely wanna put up some film reviews whenever I think it’s a relevant film or whether or not I think an Arab/Muslim perspective is needed, since there’s a buncha films on the horizon that deal with my part of the world.

Oh, one more thing: I’ve never seen Citizen Kane.

You may now send your hate mail/love letters to tarek.jammal@yahoo.com

Until next time,

Your man from across the sea