Sean Gardner

Dispatches from… The Film Graveyard.

Theaters are terrible right now. There is currently such a dearth of reasonable choices that the Landmark Sunshine here in NYC is still showing Synecdoche, New York. And have been for the past 5 or 6 months.Here’s why:He’s Just Not That Into Your STDs. Paul Blart: Ugh. Confessions of a I’m Boring Myself Typing This.Before … Continue reading

Dispatches from… The Oscars.

So the nominees were announced. Which you know by now if you read this site. Caring is another thing all together. Since, you know, our specific pooled film-nerdery tends not to spill over into award nominated films. But there are always exceptions. And there are always surprise nominations. Which I shall cover for you now.M.I.A. … Continue reading

Dispatches from… Robin's Jockstrap.

So Devin’s article this evening got me thinking about Robin. But what about him?Let’s be honest, the character is largely terrible, serving as little more than a gay joke in modern times and will likely not figure largely, if at all, into Nolan’s “why so serious” Batman films (And while we’re at it, why so … Continue reading

Dispatches from… The Grind.

First, let me just say: finding a job in New York sucks.I’m not sure how many of you can empathize with this plight of mine, but there it is. Maybe it’s the economy gone to shit that’s messing with my chances, maybe it’s my lack of a skill-set (I was a Theatre major, so that’s … Continue reading

Dispatches from… The Fall.

This is the time of year that I typically start listening to melancholy music, spend many hours in movie theaters and think deep thoughts about my life and how it’s gone wrong.Not this year.Well, let me go back a step. Keep the melancholy music part. Subtract the thoughts about failure. Keep the deep part. There, … Continue reading

DISPATCHES FROM… My Super Tuesday.

This Tuesday, September 23rd, has been on my radar for the past few months. And here’s why it should be on yours:Jenny Lewis.TV on the Radio.Kings of Leon.Ben Folds.The Foot Fist Way (on DVD).With that taken care of, let’s investigate why these names matter.First, Jenny Lewis. As some of you may be aware, she is … Continue reading

DISPATCHES FROM… Science Fiction!

The release of Death Race this past weekend got me to thinking a few things. First, fuck them for remaking it. Second, fuck them for remaking it with Statham and McShane, not to mention Joan Allen, cause now I’m probably going to see it. On Netflix, mind you, but still.The next thing I got to … Continue reading


After close to two months on Cape Cod, I had a smile on my face, my psyche brimming with hope about the culture on this, Massachusetts’ crooked penis. As I shoveled a delicious breakfast into my mouth, a couple next to me, both in their early 20’s, were discussing the films of Jim Jarmusch. Yeah, … Continue reading