Martin Malloy

Martworld #16: Accents, No Accents?!

So, you may have heard of this little film that’s been having a bit of trouble getting released. It’s called Valkyrie and it stars someone by the name of Tom Cruise.  It’s also directed by that guy who did the (sub) par Superman sequel and the two good X-Men films.  Now, I’m not really a … Continue reading

Martworld #15: Bryan Cranston

I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last night and I don’t think there’s a need to apologize.  I usually avoid most award shows, I don’t really think there’s any point to them. It’s just celebrities hanging out with other celebrities celebrating their celebrity.  Still, it’s interesting to check in on the results and the shows sometimes … Continue reading

Martworld #11: Mad (Wo)Men

Don’t you think that should be the title? I mean…er…Betty is one irate lady.  Anyway….Second season has started and is such a welcome oasis in the dry depths of the summer TV months.  For my part, I actually only watched the first season a week or two ago when I realized it was free … Continue reading