I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last night and I don’t think there’s a need to apologize.  I usually avoid most award shows, I don’t really think there’s any point to them. It’s just celebrities hanging out with other celebrities celebrating their celebrity.  Still, it’s interesting to check in on the results and the shows sometimes have a few funny bits.  But, overall it’s a ridiculous tradition, it’s just a way to advertise the people that are on TV all the time anyway.  That aside….like I said, I do like to read the results but I hardly take any very seriously.  But if there were any that I would take stock in, it’s the Emmy’s.  If my favorite movie doesn’t win the Oscar, so what, that film will live on.  But if a struggling show doesn’t win an Emmy…buh bye.  It’s over.  That’s why I’m so glad to see that Bryan Cranston win Best Actor in a Drama.  Breaking Bad is a phenomenal show and I think it’s been quite overlooked.  Maybe that can be chalked up to the short season due to the writer’s strike and AMC’s other show Mad Men.  Still, I think Breaking Bad is just as good a show as it’s sister show.

I was sure that John Hamm would get the Emmy and I was Ok with that.  Hell I even love Dexter, so I would have been glad with Michael C. Hall getting it.  But Bryan Cranston really deserves it.  When I first heard of Breaking Bad, I thought “dad from Malcolm in the Middle!!”  But the reason I started watching is because I read a bit about it, intrigued by it’s plot, became more interested and was toootally blown away by the first episode.  Now, I do watch a fair amount of TV, but I choose it wisely.  I don’t watch any crap that’s on, I just watch the shows that I truly think are great.  And it’s rare that I just watch a show for the hell of it.  These days, I usually get into shows based off of recommendations and catch up on DVD.  Like Lost, a show I was vehemently against (I forget why), but after being forced to watch a few episodes with my sister I was even more hooked than she was.

So, what I am trying to say is that for all of the crap award’s show have, it’s nice to see someone deserving getting an honor.  The show is already coming back for a second season, but it’s definitely not pulling in the numbers like Mad Men or other cable programs.  Hopefully, this will bring hype and viewers.  And hopefully it won’t just be a frustrating nail in the coffin like the Emmy win for Arrested Development was.