Jon Abrams

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw – #7 War.

  War, Inc. : A Long & Winding Consideration.   I guess I was hoping for another Grosse Pointe Blank. No dice. War, Inc. is the new movie from John Cusack. There are other writers and a director credited, but the first credit that comes up is New Crime, Cusack’s production company – this is … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw – #6 Space Robots.

    Wale is an up-and-coming rapper from the D.C. area who has done several notable guest spots, such as on the Roots’ recent album, and has released some great singles, such as “Nike Boots“, which is about –   …I’m sorry, I accidentally plugged in an entry from my hip-hop blog, Live Freestyle or … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #4 – Filbert

    Alternate Title:  The Work of M. Night Shyamalan, A Critical Examination in Five Minutes Or Less.     NOTE:  This will not include anything Shyamalan did pre-Sixth Sense, because I haven’t seen any of that stuff.  I’m only interested in the Shyamalan of myth, the Shyamalan we have come to know in the … Continue reading