Jon Abrams

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw – #9 Unsung.

So maybe I’m just maturing (doubtful), but given the recently-released movies hitting theaters over the past week as yet unseen by me, there was one far more interesting to me than the one where Angelina Jolie and Young Gary Sinise run around shooting bullets in all different directions while Morgan Freeman does his wisdom thing. … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw – #8 Tough Title.

Here’s another one of my wackadoo theories: Sometimes the suits have a point. Discount this theory if you like, but there’s a reason why so many movies come out with soul-crushingly generic titles. The shorter and easier to pronounce, the more comfortable it makes most people. Speaking as a guy whose favorite movie is The … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw – #7 War.

  War, Inc.  : A Long & Winding Consideration.   I guess I was hoping for another Grosse Pointe Blank. No dice. War, Inc.  is the new movie from John Cusack. There are other writers and a director credited, but the first credit that comes up is New Crime, Cusack’s production company – this is … Continue reading