Jon Abrams

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #24 – The Road.

    I finally got around to reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, he who wrote the novel No Country For Old Men and before that, The Border Trilogy, among other modern classics.  Either due to the popularity of the Coen Brothers’ version of No Country For Old Men or due to the popularity of … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #22 – Monster Man.

  I’ve promised that I don’t do obituaries here, but I also figure that Jaws is a beloved movie by just about everybody reading these words, so here’s a name worth knowing:   Frank Mundus.   Here’s what’s cool about Frank Mundus:   n      Peter Benchley, the author of the book Jaws, based the character … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #21 – Apathy.

    Saw the trailer for next week’s Lakeview Terrace not too long ago.  There’s a couple decent reasons to check that movie out, for sure.  My crush on Kerry Washington just keeps on growing, as does my appreciation for the deceptively bland Patrick Wilson (see Little Children: smart performance, good movie), and Sam Jackson … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #18 – The Newsstand.

    I have a good time looking at magazines.  Is that a guilty pleasure?  Beats me.  I’m a reader.  I read voraciously, and I need to constantly replenish my reading material.  Magazines are just more naturally suited to heavy-duty activities such as chowing down on Philly cheese-steaks and/or sitting on the crapper (which are … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #17 – Talking Animals.

    Freshly out on DVD:  The short-lived 2000-2001 television series TV Funhouse.  This isn’t the Saturday Night Live episode that was released a while back collecting a bunch of the best SNL TV Funhouse cartoons, although that was great.  I’m talking about the eight-episode run of completely insane genius that played on Comedy Central … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #16 – Sad Superheroes.

    In the spirit of the apparent cinematic summer of the superhero action movie, and the very recent San Diego Comic-Con weekend, I watched a documentary called Confessions of a Superhero.    That one feels like a good stopping point, for the time being, after having written what feels like an unintentionally disproportionate amount … Continue reading