Jon Abrams

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #87 – Extract.

  Mike Judge has written and directed a new comedy!  Ain’t that good news?  Mike Judge is the guy who created Beavis & Butthead and King Of The Hill for television, and wrote and directed the movies Office Space and Idiocracy.  That is a pretty solid track record for quality and durability and genuine hilarity.  … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #85 – Boobs, Kung-Fu, Explosions, Vampires, Zombies, Superheroes, and Boobs.

      That’s right, I said “Boobs, kung-fu, explosions, vampires, zombies, superheroes, and boobs.”  This is America.  Everybody loves those things.  I know I do.  (Except maybe vampires.  I’m more of a werewolf guy.)   Actually, I blasted those keywords upfront in order to make this shameless attempt to grab readers for my other … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #83 – JCVD.

  Getting out of the ‘eighties, it turns out, hasn’t been easy on anyone.  It’s especially tough on the greased-up, hyper-muscled action heroes of the Reagan Era.  All of them have suffered their ups and downs on screen and off, and have had to resort to drastic measures to maintain relevance. Steven Seagal has maintained … Continue reading