Jon Abrams

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #97 – INVICTUS.

  Sure would seem like a good year to be South Africa, cinematically speaking.  First they send us the thoroughly awesome District 9, and then the legendary Clint Eastwood comes to town to recreate one of their prouder moments.  Obviously Invictus and District 9 have little in common besides geography; District 9 is the more … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #96 – AVATAR.

    Avatar is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, even though you’ve absolutely seen this story many times before.  Is that a coy contradiction?  Is it a negative statement?  I hope not.  I think you can love something while still seeing and understanding its flaws.  Bottom line up top:  I loved watching Avatar and … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #92 – Big Fan.

  It’s November, which means that the attack has begun.  Christmas movies and Oscar-baiting movies and oppressive advertising, straight on until February.  As always, a healthy handful of cool movies will inevitably be lost in the shuffle – but not here. is kind enough to allow me the space to talk movies, so what … Continue reading