Joe Vallese

The Films of My Youth: Seems Like Old Times (1980)

Seems Like Old Times (December 19, 1980)The Joey Gist:  Though my father and I bonded mainly on blood and boobies, every so often he would walk up from our basement, where he improperly stored several hundred videocassettes containing the several hundred movies he’d obsessively tape from HBO and Cinemax regardless of quality, and say, “Son, … Continue reading

The Films of My Youth: The Crush (1993).

Each post, I revisit films I loved as a lad, most of them inappropriate given my tender age at the time, and decide if they still pass muster. Spoilers–and sickening, bizarre, rambling, love/frustration with Alicia Silverstone–follow.Moment of reflection: I had this poster hanging in my bedroom from summer 1994 until about fall of 1999.  I … Continue reading