Joe Robin

One From the Vault: Bigfoot and Wildboy

Like all Sid and Marty Krofft productions, Bigfoot and Wildboy was, at least, a surreal experience.Apparently, back in the day, Bigfoot found a small child left in the wilderness. Relying on the maternal nature inherent in all Sasquatch, Bigfoot raised the young child as his own. He named him “Wildboy,” after his favorite Duran Duran song. Soon, Wildboy grew up … Continue reading


(I wrote this as a persuasive essay in college a few years back.  Still rings true to this day.) I love music. From traditional rock to punk.  From Willie Nelson to Barry White.  My musical taste spans a fairly wide spectrum.  Sometimes I listen for the soulful harmonies of Sam and Dave.  Sometimes I listen … Continue reading

This is Joe Robin for SUBWAY!

This has absolutely nothing to do with movies, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.I would just like to thank Subway for their $5 foot-long promotion.Being the low man on the Corporate totem pole, as well as the father of an 18 month old, I have absolutely no fucking money.  Also, when you consider the fact that … Continue reading

Kill Your Babies

There may be spoilers ahead.  I haven’t decided yet.The wife and I saw “The Fall” last night.  I read a lot of good things about the film, but it turned out to just be OK.  I honestly believe there was a good (perhaps even a pretty good) film in there somewhere, but Tarsem failed to … Continue reading