Like all Sid and Marty Krofft productions, Bigfoot and Wildboy was, at least, a surreal experience.

Apparently, back in the day, Bigfoot found a small child left in the wilderness. Relying on the maternal nature inherent in all Sasquatch, Bigfoot raised the young child as his own. He named him “Wildboy,” after his favorite Duran Duran song. Soon, Wildboy grew up to be a Wildman, but nonetheless retained the “Wildboy” moniker.

Now an adult, Bigfoot and Wildboy made the natural transition to crime-fighting. I mean, what else were they going to do? They fought the likes of poachers, robbers, aliens, evil Sasquatch, and Boss Hogg. And, like every endeavor in which Sasquatch partakes, he always ended up on top.

No matter the adversary, the formula remained tried and true: Bigfoot and Wildboy would be out frolicking in the forest, minding their own business, when something evil would occur. You know, one of the many evil things that frequently occur in the wilderness, like forest fires, armored car robberies, alien invasions, and communist conspiracies (if there’s one thing Sasquatch hates, it’s communism). Bigfoot and Wildboy would investigate, Wildboy would get himself into trouble, and Bigfoot would bail his sorry ass out and save the day.

To be completely honest, Wildboy was pretty much useless. Outside of knowing the secret password to summon Bigfoot (which, phonetically, sounded like “BOYOBOOOW!”), he pretty much just wasted oxygen. He does speak English rather well, considering his Wildboy upbringing. I just wonder where he learned it. Bigfoot speaks Sasquatch. At least I’m assuming it’s Sasquatch. It may just be moron. He does, however, make up for the stupid way he talks by being able to jump real far and run real fast, which explains why we’ve never been able to catch Sasquatch, or at least get a decent photo of him. That fucker is FAST!

Long story short, I don’t know how you could make a show about a bionic Bigfoot boring, but they sure as hell did.