Jared Blaut


So I’ve mentioned a few times the “robot thing” I was writing for another site.  Well here it is!  They’re paying me and everything! How very exciting!  Be sure to click on it from every computer you have, ok?  Gr8 thx bai.

Grand Theft Auto Bore

Do you want my long personal history with video games spelled out in detail?  No you don’t, because this isn’t Aint It Cool News.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)  So short version: I’m a male born in the 1970’s and have played every major system along the way, albeit very casually for the … Continue reading

Sparks From Das Prognosticator

Remember what I said here about Warren Ellis?Well ZAMMO and KABLAAM!Truly I am psychic, if one defines “psychic” as “the ability to predict the obvious and inevitable.”  However, my geek cred is shredded for I’ve somehow managed to not read these two properties.  I guess it’s time for a trip to Tate’s.This all is bringing … Continue reading

Morning Quickie: Better Late Than ZOHAN

Finishing up 2000 words about robots sucked away my writing time as of late.  But that assignment is now complete (URL when available) and so I turn my mind to new matters, like ZOHAN.It’s a weird, risky concept, especially given the level of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred in the world (even here in the U.S.).  … Continue reading

SHAMELESS PLUG: Baddest Movie Daddies

So my cohort Jenni Miller over at Premiere.com has put up a list of Bad Screen Dads that SOMEHOW OMITS DARTH VADER but we forgive her.  The rest of it is pretty darn strong, with some unexpected candidates thrown in there.  (Rick Moranis – for shame!)  Check it out RIGHT HERE.  Tell ‘em Large Marge … Continue reading

THE FALL – Worth The Gas?

THE FALL is proving to be an especially hard film to catch here in sunny, culturally-isolated South Florida.  The nearest theater with a print is a good $8-$10 worth of gas away.  The Tomatometer rating is way out of whack with the IMDB rating, showing a clear divide between critics and audiences.  I did not … Continue reading

Mecha Love – A Return to A.I.

My robot research led to a revisiting of A.I., the first time I’d seen the film since its summer 2001 theatrical release.  Back then the press was so very heavily focused on the “Spielberg does Kubrick” angle that anything short of 2001 meets CLOSE ENCOUNTERS was going to be viewed as a disappointment, and indeed … Continue reading