THE FALL is proving to be an especially hard film to catch here in sunny, culturally-isolated South Florida.  The nearest theater with a print is a good $8-$10 worth of gas away.  The Tomatometer rating is way out of whack with the IMDB rating, showing a clear divide between critics and audiences.  I did not much care for THE CELL, and the dude from PUSHING DAISIES does nothing for me – not on that series, at least.  At this point the movie’s box office fate is sealed, so my $20 vote will not affect Tarsem’s ability to get another film funded.  The theater will likely be sparsely populated, so there won’t be the communal experience that is one of last remaining aspects of theatergoing that can’t be recreated at home.  But there is the opposite experience to consider, too, the experience of knowing that only you and a few other adventurous souls got to experience something truly special in its intended format.  The “I was there when” experience.

So I’m torn, I’m torn.  Survey says?