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Wanted: Warrior Scribes, Apply Within Want to write for Thor’s Comic Column? We’re looking for a few good Vikings… READ ABOUT IT HERE! A Special Message From Devon Every good thing that I do, I do in the memory of my late mother, Willie Ann Ham-Johnson. I miss you and I will forever keep you … Continue reading


Got an interesting film suggestion? Know of something good in the works? Just want to tell me I’m rubbish? Drop me a line at dave@chud.com, and I’ll respond to any letters in future columns. TALES FROM THE ODD WEST I had a great time slapping together the “theme” section of last week’s column (about flicks … Continue reading


Interviews with foreign language directors are always interesting, because you’re never quite sure if the translator is telling you everything. Not to cite what has now become a cliché, but it really is like Lost in Translation where they speak for minutes, and you get a few seconds recap.   With Takashi Shimizu, he’s been working … Continue reading


Director Richard Loncraine obviously liked working with his pasty Wimbledon star Paul Bettany, as he’s following the striking British thesp to his next project and taking over the vacated chair on the Harrison Ford action-thriller The Wrong Element.  Which I always thought was cobalt.  In the flick, Ford plays a bank security honcho who is … Continue reading


Now that director Antoine Fuqua is apparently doing a little time in Director Jail to serve penance for King Arthur, his next project American Gangster (aka Tru Blu, aka The Return of Superfly) has completely crumbled. Fuqua recently dropped out of the project over the obligatory “creative differences”, and now Universal has yanked the plug … Continue reading


While Pixar continues to rule the CGI roost as far as quality goes, Dreamworks and Fox are quickly becoming major challengers, at least financially speaking. Fox has their Ice Age guy Chris Wedge finishing up their next attempt, the futuristic tale Robots, with a voice cast that boasts Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Greg Kinnear, Drew … Continue reading


Here’s another name to add onto the list of actors itching to be cast in the long-in-the-works Watchmen movie. Brit actor Simon Pegg, the zombie-battling title character of Shaun of the Dead, is dreamcasting himself into the (potentially) upcoming film as Rorschach, a violent vigilante and social misfit who wears a constantly morphing mask (I … Continue reading


Sure, it’s bravely setting itself up for jabs by lazy critics, but the upcoming horror flick Abominable actually looks like it could be more fun than a Bigfoot movie deserves to be. Shot on the cheap by Ryan Schifrin (yes, the son of legendary composer Lalo Schifrin, who provides the score), the Rear Window-esque movie … Continue reading


Several years after his “Gilligan’s Island with nocturnal aliens” experience, intergalactic fugitive Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) is holed up on a stark and secluded planet (guess he grew fond of such places during Pitch Black), living the quiet life, chillin’.  That is, until a group of mercenaries led by the exceedingly gruff Toombs (Nick … Continue reading