Pegg whacksHere’s another name to add onto the list of actors itching to be cast in the long-in-the-works Watchmen movie.

Brit actor Simon Pegg, the zombie-battling title character of Shaun of the Dead, is dreamcasting himself into the (potentially) upcoming film as Rorschach, a violent vigilante and social misfit who wears a constantly morphing mask (I kinda pictured homely redhead David Caruso in the role, myself).

"I just reread Watchmen because I got sent the screenplay," Pegg commented. "We know the producer, Lloyd Levin, and I told him I was interested, so he sent it along as something to think about. I would just love to play Rorschach." Aside from being a funny bastard (you should be watching his series Spaced this week on Trio), Pegg occasionally delves into dramatic work such as Band of Brothers and The Reckoning.

Not too long ago, Jude Law (who apparently sports ink of a Watchmen character somewhere on his person) expressed a desire to play Ozymandius/Adrian Viedt in the film, based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ beloved superhero conspiracy graphic novel that redefined comics during the 1980s. Names like John Cusack have also been associated with the project since it started edging toward reality in the past few years.

The movie, championed and written by X-Men scribe David Hayter, has Requiem for a Dream virtuoso Darren Aronofsky scheduled to direct the daunting proposition for Paramount.