Alan Cerny

The best film of the year so far…

was on HBO tonight. RECOUNT re-examines the events of the 2000 Presidential Election, and although we know what happened, director Jay Roach (the AUSTIN POWERS movies?  Really?) and writer Danny Strong (BUFFY!) made a terrific film that made legal arguments over hanging chad (chad is plural, by the way) and disenfranchised voters completely compelling, and they turned in … Continue reading

It's My Fault.

I could list all the things that’s kept me from blogging: the election, GTA 4, work intrigue, home stuff, but the fact is that I’ve been lazy.  I said I was going to do a series on Spielberg films, and I’ve screwed the pooch on that too, but I promise to get on the ball … Continue reading

Album Review: ACCELERATE – R.E.M.

If you’ve read past blogs from me here or on Myspace, you’ve heard me rant about my favorite rock band on earth, R.E.M.  Flat out, their last album, AROUND THE SUN, sucked.  And the two before that weren’t great shakes either, not in comparison to their heyday in the 1980s and early 90s.  Their last … Continue reading

My Five Songs

John Cusack in HIGH FIDELITY is always doing top 5 lists about certain situations.  As this is a blog and I have no original thoughts, I thought I’d list the five songs that define me as a person. 5.  “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant,” Billy Joel. I actually lived behind an Italian restaurant for six … Continue reading

This Election Drove Me Insane

Sorry I haven’t blogged for the past couple of weeks.  More Spielberg reviews on the way, I promise.  I’ve been very busy, If you know anything about me personally, you’d know that I’m a little more involved with politics than the average bear.  That’s because I work for a Justice of the Peace here in Harris … Continue reading

I Don't Own A Cell Phone

So we got our tax refund this weekend, and my wife decided that she wanted a Blackberry Curve. I got a PS3, five games (Rainbow Six Vegas, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty 4, and The Simpsons Game for my daughter) and three Blu-Ray discs out of it (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, BLADE … Continue reading

It's Up To Texas

Hillary Clinton, 825 delegates.  Barack Obama, 732.  I was hoping for more wins for Obama, but he’s put in a good show so far. I told my wife at the beginning of the election cycle, “It’s going to come down to Texas.”  I just had that feeling all along that the race was going to … Continue reading