I could list all the things that’s kept me from blogging: the election, GTA 4, work intrigue, home stuff, but the fact is that I’ve been lazy.  I said I was going to do a series on Spielberg films, and I’ve screwed the pooch on that too, but I promise to get on the ball with that this weekend.  I’ll have some free time to contemplate all things Beard.

Some personal things of note – I’ll be in Chicago this summer for a little more than a week, visiting my sister and her family, who I haven’t seen in going on 5 years.  My mom’s coming too so it’ll be a real family reunion and I’m looking forward to it.  Feel free to mail me things that I need to see while I’m there that’s a little off the beaten path.  I already expressed that I want to see some cool gangsta shit.  I’m also going to a Cubs game because I’m dying to see Wrigley Field, even though the Cubs aren’t my team (they sure as hell are for my wife though).  I’d love to do a Springer episode and get all trailer park on national television.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV is a gooddamn masterpiece of a game.  I’ve been run over by AICN’s Moriarty once and shot in the face by Andre Dellamorte (although I did manage to blow him to kingdom come with a rocket as I died).  I find myself bowling a lot in the single player game.  Bowling is like Spanish fly to the chicks.  I even got Dwayne to smile, and that sad sack of shit bitches about everything.  Once I figure out the math to darts, I might be pretty dangerous.  I ain’t saying anything most of you don’t already know, though.  Vast hours of productivity have been sucked down Rockstar’s hole, to hear Moriarty tell it.  It’s all the rage of the Hollywood hoi polloi.

This weekend offers me the first opportunities to do some serious writing, so I’ll try to take advantage.  I even got a game for the little one to play so I won’t be tempted to get on the PS3.  So I think there’s a good chance you’ll see me then.  Have fun all!