Some questions I asked myself while watching The Dark Knight:

If Superman growled all the time, would anyone ever suspect he was really Clark Kent?

Hong Kong? 


Couldn’t Gordon have just told his family he was going to be fake killed? 

Didn’t he come back to life the next day? 

How big of a dick is he?

If Batman’s going to tell the world he’s Batman, shouldn’t he, I don’t know, do it at the beginning of the press conference?

Why does the Joker always do exactly what he says he’s going to do? 

If an anarchist says he’s going to try to assassinate the mayor or blow up a hospital, shouldn’t he do something else? 

Something anarchistic?

So Batman interrogates via punching?

A loved one’s death turns you either into a coin-flipping murderer or a rubber-suited fist pumper? 

Have any of these writers ever experienced death?

Is this movie made for the emotionally retarded?

Shouldn’t Morgan Freeman, after saying he doesn’t want to use Batman’s spy machine, not use the spy machine?

Is there any problem Batman can’t solve with a punch?

Will I ever understand why bloodthirsty psychopaths prefer to safely restrain their victims and wait for their loved ones to arrive before satisfying said blood thirst?

When Batman is shot, does he ever not get back up?

So, you’re just going to push Harvey out a window, huh?

Instead of delivering this “dark knight” speech, why doesn’t Gordon just wipe his ass with the very idea of subtext and slap it on the camera lens?

Wait, I’ve been here how long?