I wanted to start off with an introductory blog just so
everyone knows what to expect from little ol’ me.

As my bio says, my name is Jim Hill, I’m 23 years old, and I
live in Willoughby, Ohio.
Where is that you ask? Just in the bumfuck middle of nowhere. We listen to Toby
Keith and rape city folk out here.

I currently hold a 2nd degree black belt in
Kajukenpo. I have a couple blogs coming up on the subject of martial arts. One
will be about Kajukenpo and my experience in the style. The other will be about
the fighting style used in the new Batman movies (the Keysi Fighting Method)
and my thoughts on it and other “reality” martial arts. Note: If you ever see
me and ask me to show you something, I will immediately respond by giving you a
roundhouse kick to the thigh.

I love movies. Big surprise. However, my love for movies
didn’t really develop until somewhere around my sophomore year of college.
Since then I’ve watched a lot trying to “catch up” and have tried to educate
myself in the matter as much as possible. I’ll say this, it’s tough when you
have a regular job and a fiancée who does not share the same passion for
movies. But thank God for Netflix, DVR, and digital cable that has movies on

The reviews you’ll see from me here will nearly always be a
movie I’ve seen for the first time. Of course you’ll see reviews for movies
that are just coming out into theaters, but you’ll also see reviews of
“essentials” from a wide variety of genres. I’ll also be doing a series called
“My Descent Into Horror.” I’ll explain it better in my first piece in the
series, but essentially it will be about the various horror books, movies and
TV shows I’ve loved throughout my life.

You’ll also see the odd blog on beer, theatre and
professional wrestling. No, that line is not a joke. WWE Raw is rocking my
socks right now with CM Punk as World Heavyweight Champion.

*Sniff-sniff* Pardon me, but I smell me some city folk. See
y’all later!