Once Bitten

I absolutely adore this movie. I must have watched it 50 times on cable as a kid, and probably 50 more once I found it on VHS as an adult. A clever comedy/horror mix the films stars a before-he-was-famous Jim Carrey and a sultry Lauren Hutton, as a virgin and a vampire, respectively. Hutton must have virgin blood before midnight on Halloween to insure her youth, and Carrey, well, needs to get laid.

The film is goofy with a capital G and that’s what I love so much about it. The jokes are cheap, the characters one dimensional, the directing amateurish, and yet I could watch this film on endless repeat. Some of my favorite scenes include the sleazy Hollywood bar the boys attend where you “call” other tables in the bar from the giant telephone in the middle of your table (I totally want to go there!) And, in my opinion, the coup de grace of all high school dance scenes in 80’s movies, the “dance off” scene between Hutton, Carrey and Carrey’s feisty girlfriend. (I actually dressed as Carrey and his girlfriend in this scene with my boyfriend for Halloween a few years ago. No one got who we were, but I felt cool as fuck.)

Hutton relishes in every gloriously stupid moment of this film and really has a field day with it. Carrey is obviously way nervous about being the star of this film and is holding back his usual in your face comedy. (Which I like). Hutton’s butler is hysterical, and Carrey’s girlfriend and bumbling best buddies are charming.

If you want to watch this film with me, I’m totally down. I’ll even re-create the dance off with you.