You don’t need me to tell you but it’s a very good time to be a movie fan.  It’s summer time, so the most explosive, anticipated films of the year are arriving, one after another.  And we are the people with all the answers.  Not a day goes by without a co-worker asking me about Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder and, of course, The Dark Knight.  Common knowledge to us Chewers is breaking news to others.  I feel like a genius.  Of course, I’m not a genius.  I’m just someone who spends far too much time surfing the internet.  No offense.

I saw Hellboy 2: The Golden Army this past weekend.  The showing reminded me of how much I truly love seeing films on the big screen.  As annoying as fellow theater patrons are, I cherish almost all movie-going experiences.  The theater was packed (a pleasant surprise to me), the audience was responsive and the movie, as we all know, was fantastic.  There was a baby in the row ahead of me, whining every once and awhile but I wasn’t that upset.  The parents would hush her and the movie would go on.  And the small whimpering of a child was soon drowned out by the laughter of the audience. 

If that movie was, say, The Dark Knight, I probably wouldn’t have been as cheerful.  But that’s partially because I would give my left nut to see that film and also becuase I assume it requires intense attention throughout.  But there some movies that are pure popcorn fun, like Hellboy.  Seeing those movies with a mass audience, people who are just there for a good time, can be very rewarding.

This Thursday night (3:15 in the morning, to be exact) I will be joining hundreds of other fans to see The Dark Knight on IMAX (the theater at Universal City Walk — let me know if anyone else will be there!).  I have an idea that these people, the ones staying up until 3 in the morning, are the intense, show-no-mercy fans of Batman (I’m sure the midnight show fans are as well.  They’re just quicker on the draw).  To see this movie with a group like that will be amazing, regardless of the film’s quality.  These will be people I can talk shop with.  The hours waiting in line will be filled with lively conversations, nostalgia and plenty of good laughs. 

And many energy drinks, I’m sure.