So internet connections have been problematic here. As you could have guessed from my magical two week absence. And it bugs me. The things I’ve missed out on since not having television access are staggering. Even worse was the lack of internet.

A few things I missed: Madonna and Guy Ritchie splitting (something I would have cared more about when he mattered as a filmmaker, ditto for her as a pop icon), Mini Me releasing a sex tape, the new season of Flipping Out, the first new episode of this season’s No Reservations (we love Tony) and probably some speculation about Obama being a terrorist and/or being a woman.

And a few of the things I gained: Enjoying my little brother’s 21st birthday, deep sea fishing for striped bass (we took home the carcasses, cheeked out the fish and prepared them as a phenomenal appetizer), watching July 4th fireworks from my back porch, took in a few trips to Provincetown, a land filled with fabulous gays and a remarkably open culture to boot, watched a house guest drink an entire bottle of tequila on the rocks in two hours and not die, mastered the cooking of sticky, ridiculously good barbecue ribs and got to read a whole lot either in the sand or on a hammock.

The gains obviously win over the losses. After all, that’s why I moved across the country with a dog in the truck. However, as I was writing this here blog, my girlfriend and I are wafting in the aroma of green chile chicken enchiladas as she feeds me tomato caviar (any food nerds out there know exactly what I’m talking about) prepared three ways while I drink a Stella and rock out to LCD Soundsystem. Tonight holds a viewing of Lars and the Real Girl, a few more beers, then a trip to the bar with that newly anointed 21 year brother of mine as we search for a girl that will willingly ride his tall boy.

So maybe I can have both and be just fine. And now that the tequila gorging house guest has left, I can do so peacefully.