Ian is out today [Ian: I’ll puke on you] wondering
how boring a news day can get. So for this special day, I’ll be giving the
rundown of all things video game.

In a story that seems
to be more about Sony building buzz for the Game Developers Conference,
yesterday GDC Director Jamil Moledina, during an interview with GameDaily Biz,
reaffirmed his recent comments that after Sony chief Phil Harrison’s keynote
speech on March 7, PS3 owners would be “very happy.”

Moledina, who has
absolutely no connection to Sony, gives some credibility to the news that
Sony’s announcement will be huge. Sony is still very much like the Bush
Administration and
when comes to the PS3’s success. “What? Low sales, are you mad? PS3 is
outselling the other two systems combined. Now let me hop on my unicorn and
speak with the elves at the factory about these unfortunate PS3 shortages.”

What could PS3 have in
store for the gaming world? Unless it will start curing cancer, I imagine most
people will be underwhelmed. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Because everyone else
is reporting it, popular tabletop miniature wargame, (that’s how they’re
classifying these things nowadays) Warhammer 40K is getting the MMORPG
. THQ and Austin, Texas-based Vigil Games
will be taking the developing duties.

From what
I’ve read, taking a “game” like this and converting it into a full-fledged
MMORPG takes a very long time, but there is the demand. While I was at the NY
Comic Con this past weekend, I ventured into what was described as the Gaming
Area. Thinking it was more video game displays, I walked into this
library-silent room of people rolling dice, flipping cards and setting up
little metal figurines. We’re talking about tables and tables of this stuff.
Add that into the countless tables of card games on the convention floor and
you have a lot of people with very boring virginal lives.

Also how
did Wizards of the Coast miss out on having the biggest MMORPG? I mean
they had the biggest RPG property in Dungeons & Dragons and while they have
some serviceable operation, I didn’t know there was a D & D MMORPG until
last week. Seems silly, right?

Microsoft has
launched a contest in
looking for musicians inspired by Xbox games. The contest works by entrants
scoring various Xbox 360 trailers and then uploading them on The music is then
judged by visitors to the site and the band with the most votes gets to record
their track and have the pride of being a massive sellout.

More interestingly, the
contest was announced at Xbox Big Day Out 2007 (a music-snowboarding event in
by the group Scissor Sisters, who just reworked their catchy “She’s My Man” for
the Halo Wars trailer. Does that make Master Chief gay?

Finally, because I just
needed to bring this up, according to a post on John Edwards blog, the two time
Presidential candidate’s Campaign HQ was vandalized last night. Why isn’t this
on CNN? Well because it was his Second Life Campaign Headquarters that was
attacked. The according to the post. online culprits were identified by their
Bush ’08 stickers and vandalized the joint by putting up “Marxist/Lenninist posters
and slogans, a feces-spewing obscenity, and a photoshopped picture of John in
blackface, all the while harassing visitors with right-wing nonsense and
obscenity-laden abuse of Democrats in general and John in particular.”

What fuck is going on
with the world? Virtual campaign headquaters getting attacked? There is the
(strong) possibility that these were just a bunch of yahoos just fucking with
Edwards’ people. But really, do people have nothing better to do than spew that
shit on a website? God I hate the interwebs sometimes. On the other hand,
shouldn’t the clean-up take about 5 minutes or is there a shortage virtual
service workers?

That’s it for today.