This may be coming a bit late but I’m sure you all have heard of the Tim Russert movie being made with Randy Quaid?  Well you all probably think it’s ridiculous.  True the resemblance of the two is quite striking and, thus, good casting, but the real question to ask is, how low have they sunk???  True Russert may be an icon to many (I was not a viewer of Meet the Press, but was aware of his existence) but, I mean seriously??  Where’s Peter Jennings’ biopic?  I’m not an expert on TV Journalists but I’m going to say that Jennings is the “bigger” of the two.  Not to put down Mr. Russert in any way but Jennings was pretty huge.   And yet days after Russert’s death, not only is a film on the fast track to the screen but it’s already been cast?  Some may see it as a tribute but I see it as pretty insensitive.  “Did you hear Tim Russert dies?”  “No, man that sucks….Hey, you know Randy Quaid kinda looks like him…I’m gonna call him up and maybe Paul Haggis too, he can write this”  I mean, seriously, what happened?

And not only that but the news is that it’s the last 24 hours of his life?  He died of an instant, random heart attack.  It’s not like he knew it was going to be his last day?  Again, no offense to Mr. Russert, but how interesting could his last day have been.  I mean it was most likely the same as every other normal day of his life.  What are we going to see?  “Wow Tim Russert didn’t eat breakfast at home!  He picked up a muffin at Starbucks”  I just feel like they’re totally going to exploit his last day and blow situations way out of proportion.  Like maybe he got in some menial argument with someone and it was never solved.  In the movie the guy on the other end will “forever be riddled with guilt.”  

I don’t want to come off as hating Tim Russert or anything.  That’s not the case here.  I respect him, I mean I don’t really know him, I don’t watch news shows but I’m sure he was a good guy.  I’m just disgusted how far Hollywood will go to completely exploit something.  They’re going to play it off as some “memoriam” to him, when they’re just playing everyone’s heartstrings for a few bucks.  I can understand a film about Russert’s entire life-in a year, maybe even a few months. But a few days?  And about the last 24 hour’s of his life???  I don’t think anything has really made me this angry about the studios.  Hopefully it will come out that this is all a rumor but until then…Good Going Jerks!