Cinnamon toast.

It is such a very simple food, and yet one that brings deliciousness and nostalgia together in a slam dunk.

I recently discovered that Cinnabon makes bread. I’m sure you have indulged in a Cinnabon in your local mall or airport, and know the decadence that lies within. The bread is soft and full of cinnamon swirls, so good that you it’s scrumptious straight out of the package, without toasting or butter.

But, if you’re feeling a bit hedonistic some afternoon and really want to go whole hog, toast that mother and butter it on up. Add some sugar and cinnamon and go to town. It’s to die for.

Close your eyes and remember an early morn in 1984, when your mother, young and fresh in her robe, serves you and your little sister some cinnamon toast and milk before packing your lunch in your He-Man lunchbox and sending you off to school. It’s a snack that treats the body and mind in one.

Incidentally, if you sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on popcorn, it tastes exactly like cinnamon toast. This is what working at the New Beverly Cinema for two years has taught me.