Writing about the best thing you had to eat this week is all well and good, but what if you eat a meal so revolting you have to let the world know. Here you go.

Innocently enough, my fellow food adventurer Peter and I walked into Super Anijitos on Victory. We should have known better the second we walked into the place. It looked like someone’s living room (never a good sign) and was clearly a front for some sort of shady dealings. There was one man apparently doing everything, with his drunk buddy keeping him company.

The menu was sparse and crusty with god knows what. We ordered a quesadilla to share, chicken taquitos for me and 2 tacos for Peter. The tortilla chips and salsa were quite perhaps the worst I have ever had. The chips were burnt and so greasy the paper underneath them was transparent. The salsa came with a spoon in it, possibly the same spoon used to scoop it out of the jar it obviously came out of. The quesadilla wasn’t melted well (a pet peeve of mine) and could have been made by a four year old.

My taquitos were a good size, but again burnt and terribly greasy and filled with something that might have been called chicken in another dimension. The mystery white sauce smothered all over them didn’t help. Peter’s tacos were so bad he could only eat one. We shoveled some down, just to be polite and then decided to fuck off. Please stay away from this place. It shames food.

p.s. we did, however, wash down this horrific meal with some Snookies Cookies and milk. Their butter pecan cookie rocks.