Yes, we went to the drive-in last night. Couldn’t pass it up, really, as it was a double feature of Get Smart and Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, two films I’ve yet to see but had a vague interest in doing so.

The two were sort of perfect films for the drive-in, as one of the problems with the format is numerous interruptions, headlights on the screen, brake light flare ups and loud, drunk teenagers, so it becomes difficult for a viewer like myself, a guy obsessed with catching everything in a film, to give in and enjoy without getting all pissed off. But since my expectations were low for both, it turns out I was just fine, sitting in the bed of a pickup in a beach chair, covered in a blanket and somehow avoiding the coming onslaught of mosquito.

And the films were better than expected, while not exactly life changing. Carell is always a pleasure, and yes, I was an outspoken lover of Dan in Real Life, even though our site here didn’t exactly show love for Peter Hedges’ work. I had problems with Hathaway, mostly because she dropped out of Knocked Up due to the vagina flashing scene and, to be honest, I’ve yet to forgive her. So as unfair as that may sound, it’s still true and she just didn’t sell herself as sexy, funny or much of anything really. Also, I can’t forget to mention a pitch perfect cameo by Bill Murray, a man who will eventually get his own blog entry for being my favorite actor and love of my life, thank you for that surprise, Billy.

Harold and Kumar played second, since it was rated R and the family friendly choices don’t often result in anything R ever showing at the theater (hence next week’s selections, Wall-E and The Chronic-what-cles of Narnia: Prince Who Cares), so it was a nice surprise. And the film was fine. A bit slow, a bit cloying at times and looking poorly shot on digital cameras, but fine. I had some laughs, ate some popcorn with real butter and appreciated the lack of bug bites. Until this morning, when I awoke to a myriad of welts. I think those fuckers got under my clothes!

Despite my itching, West Nile virus infested body, this won’t be the last visit this summer, especially when it’s only a half hour away. And if you have one near you, the same should be taking place in your world. It’s a great way to indulge those nerd tendencies and spend time outdoors.

Plus, you can bring beer (Or wine, if you’re a romantic drunk. I personally went with heroin last night, it’s a mood setter in the finest sense of the word) and make your underage brother drive you home when you’re good and shithoused.