You’ve got to read this.

As the above article states, sisters Sadie and Pyper Vance have taken to the streets of Salt Lake City, protesting high gas prices.  They are holding signs, waving to passing citizens, raising their voices.

Sing it from the mountaintops, sisters!  High gas prices continue the broken cycle of relying on other countries for oil!  As well, it’s horrible for the environment and leads to drilling in our own country.  We need to focus on lessening our dependence instead of searching for more.  Let’s stop thinking about why the supply is so low and start thinking about why the demand is so high.

Wait, why are you protesting, children?

Oh.  These two sisters have it really tough.   Their parents decided to get rid of cable television becuase gas was too pricey.  It’s a common scenerio in this day and age.  Budget cuts require sacrifices.  But Sadie and Pyper wouldn’t give up their cartoons without a fight.  They decided to raise up and take it to the people.  Democracy in all its glory.

This is a liberal’s worst nightmare.  Well, it is for this liberal.  I love our country’s freedoms.  There’s nothing more patriotic than taking to the streets and getting stuff done.  Rallying together a group of like-minded people and demanding an immediate and positive change is a tradition as old as this country.  It’s the American way.  At the same time, this is just too ridiculous.  This is your reason to protest?  The lack of television?  During summer?  Aren’t there things to do outside in Salt Lake City? 

There’s a part of me that hopes these girls pull it off.  The Saudis, checking their email on Yahoo, see the tale of the two little Vances and can’t help but be moved.  They immediately call the proper authorities and demand prices of exported oil be lowered.   They send over a couple extra barrels with “For Pyper and Sadie” scribbled on the sides.  Gas prices plummet, the country comes together, and the cable television is re-installed.  Just in time for season premieres.

But that’s a small part of me.  A larger part of me wishes the girls luck but also suggests they get a hobby, like reading.  Or learning to spell.

It’s “cable”, not “cabel”.