I’m talking about that super ghetto threeway phonecalls you used to have in junior high. Remember? You would be sitting talking to your girlfriend and suddenly you would think “Let’s call Yesenia!” and then the three of you would have a pointless conversation? That’s when it was used for good, but more often than not it was used for evil.

I happen to know a true story in which a girlfriend of mine, let’s call her Doug, got another friend of hers, lets call him Kevin, to call a third friend, Jane, and lure her into saying bad things about Doug. So Kevin calls Jane, and Doug stays quiet so Jane doesn’t know she is on the line. Kevin and Jane chat, then Kevin asks Jane what she REALLY thinks about Doug. Jane fully launches into it and says some down right horrible things about Doug. Then Doug hangs up, and Jane hears it so she knows she’s been bamboozled. Jane said such terrible things about Doug she still, to this day, fears that Doug will hunt her down and kill her.

So use three way calling for good, not evil! I just discovered that most cell phones have this feature, so call up an old junior high buddy and have a blast!