This isn’t so much a blog as it is a HOLY FUCK moment for me. And an attempt to get more people listening to greatness.

I was browsing the iTunes store a few minutes ago and noticed that the new Holy Steady album, Stay Positive, is available early online (the street date is July 12). If you’re not acquainted with this band, they are the tits. Their last album, Boys and Girls in America, is a great place to start, or just go catch a show if you’re lucky enough. I always have a hard time describing them, my girlfriend Bec thinks they’re sorta like an early AC/DC while I feel like they’re a modern day Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. If you like either of those, give it a shot. Or, you could could go with my friend Penny’s recommendation, who claimed that once he realized that the ghost of John Berryman was reborn inside lead singer Craig Finn, he was sold. Whatever the reason, check these guys out, they deserve nerd love.

Thanks. Or no thanks, as the case may be.