I know everyone in the internet entertainment world has already had their two cents about the legend George Carlin. That’s what is great about this box right in front of us. Telling the world exactly the way that we feel.

This morning, when I woke up at 4 a.m. to go to work, the first thing I saw on the news was George Carlin’s picture and the dreaded words every time they show a famous person that we all know and love. What a week this has been. First one of the (if not) the greatest special effects man of our time Stan Winston, now the comic genius Carlin. 

But instead of being all depressed about it, I started to laugh a bit when the newscaster spoke about the 7 words you can’t say on television. Even he laughed a bit, probably remembering the time he grabbed his father’s record to listen to it. And like myself, it blew all of our minds. All the stuff he said opened my eyes to new possibilities. Even when he was at his most depressing and cynical, I still saw that he had a slight glimmer of hope and was as well hoping that at least one person viewing his stand up might get up after the show and change the world.

So it had me thinking about things that I hate in this world. And I hate plenty of stuff and I think in honor of George, I’ll start a new randomized blog about stuff, especially in the city that never sleeps here, that I hate. Loathe and despise are also great words. Stuff That I Hate. I think that’s simple enough. Until then, I need to catch up on some other writing. Hell, I might start the article tonight!