This doesn’t come from a reliable source, but it’s just too awesome not to pass along.  I’ve been getting word now for weeks that Nabisco is testing the hell out of the new Oreo Double Stuff Cakesters.  Sure, the original cakesters had something for everyone.  Do you like Oreos?  Alright, now tell me this: Do you like cake?


The original Oreo Cakesters were a home run, pulling in about $300 million domestic and counting.  With such a hefty haul, you’d think Nabisco would just shovel out more of the same for the sequel, and up until today it looked like that’s just what they were doing.  I have to admit, I was a little worried about this one.  The cream stuffing was great the first time, but when I heard the name for the sequel, I was just like, “Enough with the stuffing already.”

But I have to say, this trailer for ODSC sounds perfect.  Just enough to remind us why we all fell in love with Oreo Cakesters in the first place while offering us a hint of what’s to come.  I don’t know about you, but third fiscal quarter 2009 can’t come soon enough!


Hey guyz…  I never written anything 2 ur site b4 butt I had to let u no how cool the new cakesters look…  I wuz in the mall shopping with my lady…  She’s all SHOES AND SHIT! but I’m like WUTEVER…  ROFL!

So Im siting there and this d00d says YOU WANNA SEE NEW CAKESTERS???  Of corse I wuz like FUCK YEA!!!


It starts with this like planet thing…  I’m thinking JUPITER?  PLUTO?  And its black.  And then this vois (I think it wuz JONNY DEP but not shure.  AWESOME IF IT WUZ HUH?)…  This vois is like IN THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD WUZ CAKE…  THEN OREOS…

And then the camera pulls out and we can see that this isnt a planet it’s a CAKESTER!!!…  And then JONNY DEP(?) is all THEY WER BOTH DELISHUS…  THEY WERE BOTH LOST…  UNTIL THEY FOUND…  EACH UTHER….

And then we see like a hole bunch of Cakesters all together and JONNY DEP sez BUT NOW…  THEIR ABOUT TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY CAN HANDEL…


This is when things get FUCKING AWESOME cuz the camera looks up AND HEAR CUMZ A FUCKLOAD OF CREAM STUFFING!!!!!!!!  LIKE 10 TIMEZ MORE THAN IN CAKESTERS 1!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!  ROFL!!!!!!!  IMHO!!!!!!!  NAACP!!!!


At the end the screen just goes pitch black and sayz COMING SOON!!!  I told the guy dont change a thing!!!  Perfecshun!!!!

If u uze this, call me UNDEROO SKIDMARX!

Sounds like Nabisco’s really looking to buck expectations for this.  I, for one, hope they deliver.  Looks like next year’s going to belong to Oreo Double Stuff Cakesters!