Hello readers of Chud.  My name is Martin.  I am a new blogger and I’m here to rock your film world.  Well, hopefully.  Anyway,  let me throw out a thanks to all you who are reading and I hope you will continue to.  Please feel free to head over to the forum and give me comments, feedback, whatever.  I would love to have some interaction and discussion. It’s what I thrive on.  For instance, I’ll tell you I like and respect M. Night Shyamalan.  You’ll tell me he’s a one trick hack.  Yet, I’ll still try and convince you that you’re wrong and in the end we won’t agree, but hopefully we’ll have a great argument and respect why each other feels the way they do.  Sound good?  Ok.  Well let me give you something to feed on.

So I just finished watching the 7th, maybe 8th episode of Californication and I’ve got mixed feelings about the show.  Let me start by saying, I don’t subscribe to Showtime, but I have seen some of their shows.  Some I really like (Dexter) and others I think are overblown (Weeds).  But I’m always game for a new good show and I’ve heard good things about this one.  Plus, who isn’t a Mulder fan? 

The show is interesting.  It’s about a writer (Duchovny) who has had writer’s block for nearly 5 years.  His longtime gf and baby mama, Karen, has left him and moved in with another man while taking their 12 year old daughter with her.  They still have a somewhat friendly relationship because of said daughter, but he wants her back.  Thus, he drowns his sorrows and pain in booze and women.  What I am enjoying so far is the relationship between Hank and Karen.  The two have good chemistry and the story is interesting.  He wants her back, but of course she is engaged and you are left trying to figure out if she is being friendly towards him or if she truly still loves him.  It’s an interesting dynamic but I don’t know how long they can keep it going.  I don’t always like when relationships get drawn out like this, so I’m curious to see how they can keep the distance interesting, or if they will come back together and how that will work.  At the very least, I am into the show and I will continue to watch.  But, it’s not the best on TV, but better than most.  I’ll wrap up my critique of the show when I finish the first season and hopefully have a better grasp of it.

So there it is, my first rant and I hope it makes sense.  If not, check back next time.  Maybe it will.  Maybe it won’t  Again, feel free to leave some feedback or let me know if you have any thoughts on the show!