I just got back from a week in Florida hanging out at the beach just south of Tampa. I go every summer, and usually eat at the same restaurants every year. I consume alot of sea food, alot of cuban food and usually, just a lot of food. That’s what vacations are about.

Strangely, the best thing I had to eat while I was there was Indian food. My good friend Chris took me to an Indian restaurant by his house in Orlando. i was a little skeptical, since Indian food in the US is at best mediocre. But it fucking rocked.

Free papadums always make me happy (like the Indian equivalent of chips and salsa) and we got a free little cup of some delciious soup as well. I got chicken biryiani (the Indian equivalent of fried rice)(which was scrumptious) and, as I always do, ordered it extra spicy. I don’t know if its because i’m a white girl or what, but no matter what ethnic restaurant I go to, it seems they are afraid to really make my food hot for me. I have a very very high spice tolerance, and have only had something too spicy for me once in my life ( a sushi roll, if you must know). I am waiting for the fateful day when an ethnic restaurant will have the guts to actually make it hot enough for me. I always tell them “make it hotter than you think i want it. As hot as YOU eat it” and they always laugh and say “are you sure?”

Motherfucker, i’m sure.

Alas, inevitably, when they come back to check on me and ask if it’s spicy enough, my answer is always “I could do spicier”. I honestly think this is a form of racism. Don’t think by looking at me that you know how spicy I want my food. i can out spice any of you.

So if you know of somewhere that isn’t afraid to fuck me up, please let me know.