Since we find ourselves beginning an election year I thought I would throw some ideas out that should  but probably won’t, be discussed by the schmucks running for office. Regardless of what party, all candidates should be discussing these concepts.

1. Tort Reform. In order to eliminate frivolous lawsuits penalize plaintiffs for bringing fraudulent suits to court. This will greatly reduce the need for exorbitant liability insurance, resulting in lesser charges to consumers of services like medical care, pharmaceuticals and product development.

2. Individualize insurance and retirement programs. Make the insurance and retirement industries offer individuals coverage at the same rates large corporations and government offices. If insurance and retirement belongs to the individual and not the company then you never have to worry about changing jobs, converting or rolling over retirement accounts and you can place your money in whatever vehicle you want.

3. Term Limits. The founding fathers never intended for voluntary representation to be a full-time and often life long career. Since I don’t believe we can get representatives to vote to cut their representative obligation back to the length of congressional session and make these shills work like the rest of us, at least make it so that there is no reason for them to pork barrel to keep the positions indefinitely.

4. Line Item Veto. For the love of god, the president needs to establish the line item veto and do away with all of the attache bullshit that literally gets paper clipped to a legitimately good bill turning it into a means to increase taxes or enact legislation that would not pass otherwise.

If you really care about where this country is going and want to make it a better place for your kids and their kids. Hit the google search and learn, live and love these and other important issues confronting all of us.