I’ve been mulling that over for the past few days. A ton of the other bloggers do have some fantastic titles for their blogs. You know who you are.

But then again, some other grand blogs on here don’t have a title; they tend to go the route that I have gone. Thinking of a witty title as often as possible. Most succeed better than I, and for that I’m very grateful. Grateful for the fact that it has my mind going back and forth between a permanent title for this here blog.

So I wonder, what constitutes as a great blog name? Devin’s Advocate just resonates, as does Nick’s Nice Hard Slap. Sam Strange is a fantastic name in itself, so that isn’t hard to ruin. So what is it? Is it the man or is it the blog? I think it is a mixture of both man and blog (sorry, I had to say it again because it sounds so ridiculous saying that out loud, as well as in written form).

I’ve been thinking of using Seagal and the Love/Hate Machine, but I think that works better as a band name (touring soon, brought to you by Matador Records). I’ve also been in a Bogart kick as of late, so I thought about The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of… but then I thought that might sound a bit on the fluff side. A little bit feminine, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Then I had a weird dream about a blog named To Blog or Not to Blog, That is to Blog!, but then I figured people would think I was a pretentious fucker (which I am, but I’d rather them find that out with the articles and not the title).

So I’m torn. What do I do? Do I keep on figuring out titles for my blog or do I go one step further and become the ultimate in blogging by figuring out a name for this blog? Let me know. Comment on my new thread, which will be in the usual forum spot of the simple James’ New Blog area.

Lame, I know. But let me know, I’d appreciate it.