I’ve been sick the last few days so I haven’t blogged as much as I had planned.  But, I’m on the mend — I can talk again! — and I figured it’s high time I make my presence known once again.

I don’t want to sound like John Cusack (or, Nick Hornby rather) but a mixtape is a very special thing.  I’ve made a few in my day (Yes, I used tapes many times.  I did eventually move on to CD’s…reluctantly).  In fact, there are many around town who value and cherish the mixes I made for them.  Perhaps it’s the genes: my father was  DJ and instilled many of his views and favorites in me.  Making a mixtape is a very special, intriciate act that you do for someone else — whether it be one person or thousands.

It seems that the art of mixing a tape began to fade a few years back.  Surely we can blame much of that on the dominance of CD’s and, of course, the internet (I’ve learned that many problems can be blamed on the internet.  Pornography, incest, terrorism, seriously anything).  People have their iTunes now, they can just send songs via e-mail or IM.  There’s no romance to song-swapping anymore.

“Hey Bobby, I really like that music you’re listening to.  You think you could, you know, spend hours working hard on a delicate, perfectly-flowing, personal mix specifically for me?”
“…Or I could just burn you a copy for your iPod.  I’m too busy cheating on you to create something special, Tiff.  Plus, our baby needs feeding”
“That’s true.  You’re so considerate!  You’re the best husband ever!”

While that last conversation may be a bit over-the-top (and incredibly well written), it’s more or less accurate.  Mix-making just isn’t cool anymore.  It’s become ancient and, even worse, retro.  It’s something Genration X-er’s did.  And while I support many attempts to bring it back from the dead, they seem to do little. 

That’s why I’m happy to report about muxtape.com.  Muxtape is a website with one simple purpose: the creation of mixtapes.  You can make them for a loved one, friends, family, fans, anyone.  It’s similar to other blogging sites: you create an account, customize your preferences (there is only one: color), then you start to upload music from your computer.  You rearrange and finalize the order of the (up to 12) songs, then send the link all over the net.  Your friends and neighbors can now enjoy your special mix.  You can change it weekly, monthly, daily!  It’s a glimpse into someone’s musical taste, without all the bells and whistles of MySpace or Facebook.  Extremely personal and impersonal at the same time.  I love it.

I’ve made my first Muxtape to show you guys.  I spent a couple hours picking the right songs, arranging the right order.  Everyone knows that Blur can’t be placed right next to Ron Sexsmith, it just doesn’t flow well!  You need valleys and peaks, fasts and slows, louds and quiets.  There is an art to this, people!  Of course, I’m sure you all know.

So, get to it.  Release that inner-seventh grader!  Impress that girl!  Show all the doubters that you do have a good taste in music!  Make a statement!

Just don’t judge mine, it’s a constant work in progress.