Hello there, my name is Gabriel Powers, but my friends call me Gabe. I notice that there’s already another Gabe here, which is very disconcerting. I haven’t gone by the name of “Gabe P” since 3rd grade, when Gabriel Garcia stole my Gabe thunder. We tried meeting half way, where one of us would go by Gabriel and the other by Gabe, but we both wanted Gabe. Obviously I wasn’t thinking because the ladies love the name Gabriel, and “Gabe P” sounds, well, it was elementary school, you can probably guess where that went.

Anyway, I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and had a pretty unremarkable childhood. My childhood interests of comic books and cartoons never really subsided, and lead into an eventual infatuation with film, though for years I refused to watch anything on television that wasn’t animated or Star Wars.

In high school I picked up the guitar, and happened to have two best friends that picked up drums and bass. Seeing that we were white high schoolers with nothing realistic to rebel against, we decided starting a punk band was the next logical step. We added another guitarist who had genuine lower class cred (we were all lower-middle, which isn’t nearly angsty enough), and set to playing terrible songs in my dad’s tool shed every weekend. After my pussy attitude finally got me kicked out (a Mohawk does not a punk rocker make) I started another band that actually played regular weekend gigs, though the songs were just as terrible as before.

I attended “art school” (that’s code for technical collage for retards) in Phoenix (the second worst city in the entire United States), than eventually moved out to Minnesota, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Here I have festered for almost six years.

After winning a big screen TV in a bet with my mother (true story) I got a (non-paying) job writing DVD reviews and DVD related articles for DVDActive.com (which was called DVDAnswers.com at the time).

Some time in July of last year I joined the CHUD community after noticing my editorial concerning my favorite and least favorite third films was being picked apart on the message boards. I felt the need to defend myself a little bit (I’m one of those assholes that likes Revenge of the Sith and doesn’t like Back to the Future Part III), but was mostly just happy more then a couple dozen regular ‘Active readers were actually reading it. After joining the boards I never left. I suppose I just enjoyed talking movies with people who knew what I was talking about.

I’d tell you what to expect from this blog, but I’ve never really blogged before (my livejournal page is 90% links to my reviews), so I’m not really sure what I’m going to do just yet. My love of film and pop music will likely be the main focus, as will my child like obsessions with cartoons and horror films (both bad and good alike), and I hope to post some of my little art projects for brutally honest feedback. God help me if I suck.