My friend John Carpenter (not THE John Carpenter) is making a 70’s style revenge exploitation flick called “Death is the Name of My Street”. I play Morgan, the hard as nails main chick. We filmed the trailer this weekend, in hopes of showing it to a potential investor to get the funds to make a feature.

Although set in modern day, I wanted to make Morgan as 70’s possible, from attitude to wardrobe. The day started off with a gang face off, followed by a bad ass slow motion Reservoir Dogs shot (I can now check that off of my to do list!). Morgan then kicks a thug in the ribs and bashes his brains out on on concrete wall behind him with a war cry of “Eat Wall!!”

Then it was time for some Switchblade Sisters type cat fighting with Morgan and her enemy Natasha. Morgan bitch slaps her, then gets tackled and choked on a staircase. The fight escalates, and ends with Morgan punching the semi conscious Natasha and finally smashing her in the face with a brick, sending a beautiful spray of blood from her mouth onto the white wall behind her.

Everything went great, until I got a little over zealous on my punching on the third take and accidentally really punched my co star in the face. I gave her a black eye. I felt terrible for actually hitting her, but slightly satisfied in the knowledge that I have the strength to give someone a black eye.

Then we moved on to Morgan’s hot and heavy make out scene with the film’s hero, Jack. Jason, who plays Jack, is pretty easy on the eyes and “having” to make out with a foxy boy for an hour for my “art” is a pretty sweet way to spend your Saturday night. It’s a hard job, folks, but someone’s gotta do it.

I’m looking forward to filming again in a few weeks. i need more blood, more ass kicking, more bitch fighting, more making out, and hopefully just more awesomeness!