TIM BURTON MAY DIRECT JOHNNY DEPP IN A DARK SHADOWS MOVIE – Please gentlemen –  we already know what to expect when you two get together, and it’s sucking the surprise out of your collaborations.  If Depp had never been born, whom would you cast, Mr. Burton?  Go with that person. (IESB)

FRENCHMAN SURRENDERS – Jean-Luc Godard canceled his appearance at a Tel Aviv student film festival after a Palestinian organization called for a boycott. As the “Weekend” auteur must have already been aware that there was some measure of tension in the region, there is no real moral basis for this decision that makes any sense.  So the formerly radical dude just caved. (Variety)

GUIDING STAR – An Australian woman who was abducted and kept hidden for 8 years states that Star Trek provided her with a moral foundation.  I’m not a Trekkie, but to this I say – “right on.”  Whatever keeps you going through the tough times, people. (Times Online via Crunchgear)