The joys of Facebook.  Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have the chance — no, the responsibility — to discover which Bible character(s?) are similar to me in terms of personality and general holiness.  Join me if you will.  There’s no way this could end badly!

QUESTION 1:   How is your relationship with God right now? 

Um, I guess it’s fine.  I’ve never really met the guy nor do I plan on meeting him anytime soon.  But, since I don’t live in Burma or China, I guess things between us could be worse!  I’ll go with “Pretty good, but could be better.”

QUESTIONS 2:  Would you stand up for Jesus in your workplace, school, etc?

One of my options is “definetly”.  I am really tempted to pick that but I know it would screw up this intricate scientific process.  Seeing as Jesus has never done anything to upset me personally, I would probably want to defend him.  However, I listen to my iPod a lot and rarely hear people around me.  Therefore, if we’re being honest, I’m going to go with “maybe”

QUESTION 3:  Are you a Christian? 

The short answer is no.  But my only options are “I told you I hate God”, “Yes”, “No!!!!!!!!” and “Yes!!!!!!!!”  Now I feel really bad about picking no.  At same time, I don’t hate God.  Oh well, I’ll choose “No!!!!!!!!” and hope the extra exclamation points don’t alter* my score.

QUESTION 4:  What kind of music do you listen too? 

Man, this quiz has everything – biblical illustrations, exclamation points up the wazoo, spelling errors!  Fan-tastic!  One of the options is “Gospel” but that’s too easy…and spelled correctly, so I think I’ll pass.  I’m not into Rap, Heavy Metal or Punk so I’ll go with “Rock”.

QUESTION 5:  What do you want to be? 

“Done with this survey” is not an option, so I have to choose from “Teacher”, “Doctor” “President/Governor/Mayor?King”, “Preecher”, “Bum”, “Computer Designer”.  While the “Mayor?King” option sounds inviting, I know that in my heart of hearts, I have always wanted to preech to the people.  Being a bum would be fun too.  Oh, choices!  Well, this is the internet age and I need financial stability.  I choose “Computer Designer”

 QUESTION 6:  What are your hobbies? 

I don’t care, just end!  This survey is so long, random and un-associated with the Bible.  I randomly chose “Studying” in hopes that this thing will be over now.  I have lost faith in this survey and, by extension, it’s likely creator: God.

Okay, I submitted my answers to the higher powers that be and the bible character I am is….

Wait, I have to invite 11 friends to this quiz before I get my answer….Okay, done…

DAVID!  David?  David?!  I got David?  Why?  Because I’m small!  Low blow, quiz.  And it doesn’t even give me a nice little summation of our similarities.  It just says “Courageous”.  Courageous?  Really?  Because I chose to be a computer designer?  Come on, anyone can do that.