I am food obsessed. I subscribe to a cooking magazine. I go out to eat pretty much everyday. I have a quest to eat every different ethnic food in LA. I love to read about other people’s dining experiences, so consequently I am going to write about the best thing I had to eat every week. Do people care what I eat? Probably not. But if I get into that mindset I won’t write anything, because why should anyone care about what I write, period? But I digress…..

When I say the word pizza, I would imagine Korea would not be the number one country that comes to mind. But it should. Mr. Pizza Factory in K-town on Wilshire has some of the most kick ass pizza in LA, no joke. The restaurant strangely markets itself as pizza for women and is decorated like a cross between a lamp store and a Italian fresco. The waiters are almost embarrassingly submissive and speak almost no english. Every time I go they seem to bring free breadsticks to every other table but mine, but I suspect it’s only because I am the only white girl there. They do bring you free pickles, though, and any free food is cool by me.

They aren’t afraid to put bizarro toppings together. Take, for instance, the mind blowing “Shrimp Gold” – Salsa sauce, sweet potato mousse, mushroom, ground beef, corn, onion, bell pepper, olive, jalapeno, bacon, cheddar cheese and cajun shrimp. Say what? But it totally rocks my socks. Sweet potato mousse in the fucking crust? Sign me up. The next time i go I’m getting the “Grand Prix” which boasts being on a scone crust. Scone. Which means they serve the pizza with a strawberry dipping sauce and recommend you save your crust for dessert. A main course pizza and a dessert pizza in one. Those Koreans are geniuses.

And for me, no Asian meal is complete without a custard bun for dessert from the local bakery. There is something about asian buns that are amazing (take that sentence as you will) because they aren’t too sweet, so they don’t overpower you, as donuts sometimes will. Always fresh and usually under a buck. It’s heaven to me.