This is it, folks! I’ve been given a voice, and I’m going to use it. Now that my name is officially attached to a blog there’s no place to hide. 

“But who are you, Mr. Witzel? Why should I even care?”

Introductions are in order. I, Brad Witzel, of Suburbia, Chicago do hereby acknowledge that no one cares much about my background. Henceforth, this will be brief. 

I was born and raised on cinema. My earliest memories consist of being scared out of my mind of An American Werewolf in London (at a tender young age I was unaware of the comedy aspect of the film). Later memories of movies were also good. Especially great moments were had with my living room television. I’ve done everything its possible to do concerning film from studying the form to making out in a theatre. 

“What do you bring to the table via your blog?” 

Well, my passions will most likely come to the forefront very quickly. 1) I love comic books so I’ll most likely write about comic book movies from the perspective of a guy who loves comic books. 2) I hold a special place in my heart for horrible horror flicks. I love renting the DVDs with the absolute worst looking cover and synopsis. I watch them late at night. Sometimes my brain ends up hurting. Other times I laugh. One of my goals of my blog is to spread the word on some “B” movies that are entertaining in at least some way. Expect that. 3) I will write about other things not covered in points one and two.

“But are movies the only thing you care about?”

No. As previously stated, I enjoy comics. I might write about them. I also enjoy literature that doesn’t have a graphic counterpart. I might write about some good books (or book-to-film adaptation at least). I enjoy RPGs (tabletop and LARP, but not the confused-with-reality kind). I enjoy many other things and have a healthy social life.

“Why am I still reading this? Will this be on a test?”

I have no idea. Yes.

That’s all for now. Any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me. I enjoy hate mail so send that too. Until next time, this is Brad, signing off.