So I’m sitting at my Ikea table, working diligently on my Apple MacBook Pro, and as I glance at my Citizen Aqualand Eco-drive watch and notice that it’s time to start cooking dinner. I think tonight I’ll cook some Perdue Fit and Light Chicken Breasts in Ken’s Balsamic Vinagrette dressing with Publix organic vegetables. My Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 battery needs to be replaced. Maybe I’ll use Energizer, or perhaps Duracell, AAA batteries.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about the whole Microsoft-Yahoo debate. Is this strictly about advertising revenues? I mean, does Google really own the online advertising market? Microsoft purchased Double-click a little while ago. That has to be about advertising, doesn’t it? Meanwhile the Masters is on my Comast High Definition driven Vizio LCD TV. Should I abandon the blog, pour myself some 3 Vodka and Canada Dry club soda, or maybe a Sam Adams Light and retire to the Lane recliner? Maybe I’ll put on my Oakley sunglasses and sit on the deck and smoke a Cohiba Maduro Cuban cigar…

Have I mentioned that I love my Apple iPhone? I know a lot of people that complain because the iPhone is only available on the at&t wireless network, but I don’t have any complaints about service. Having been on the T-Moble, verizon and Sprint networks in the past I can tell you none of them are without problems. I used to use RIM BlackBerry devices, but I really like the web experience and text messaging on the iPhone. I have found that I do far more text messaging then email, and it’s not because I don’t like email, but rather because text messaging is virtually instantaneous.

Hell, its almost time to fire up the stove and get the Calphalon pans and J.A. Henckels knives out, break out the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Land O’ Lakes Sweet Cream Buttter. I can’t forget the Morton’s Kosher Salt! After dinner and then a cigar, I am going to play a little Sony Playstation 3.

Sorry for rambling so long, I really do have a point to this blog. I guess the future of business in America is advertising, I only hope I can end up wearing patches and stickers in recognition of paid endorsements by all of my favorite companies!

-David Wagner is a shameless whore if it pays well.